Photography opened my eyes to the world around me.

Through the lens of my camera, I’m constantly challenging myself to experience my surroundings with a fresh perspective. As I travel the globe, I seek out the genuine moments that inspire emotion and the details that delight the senses. Each of my images is designed to pull you into it as if in a dream, where you’ll hear the gentle murmur of the rolling waves, feel the kiss of the sun upon the back of your neck, be enveloped by the pure silence of the early morning, breathe in the softly spirited aroma of a field of poppies, and detect each fine granule of sand beneath your feet. 

I do not take lightly the importance of this craft, as merging travel and photography brings people, places, nature, and culture into harmony, encourages dialogue, and pays tribute to the history and relationships that have preceded the moment. It inspires, it comforts, it encourages, and it challenges. Which is why I am dedicated to continually improving and mastering my technique.

Film photography provides me with the necessary medium to produce an unforgettable, emotive image full of color, light, and texture with a distinctly timeless appeal. For how can I do Bali justice if my imagery doesn’t capture the lush botanicals, the verdant colors, and the abundance of natural textures that weave together to form its very fabric?

For this reason, I exclusively entrust Richard Photo Lab with the processing and scanning of my film. Richard guarantees quality and consistency by running routine daily checks on their equipment and processes, and use only the most sophisticated pieces of technology available. Every single scan is carefully and individually inspected by the human eye before being returned to me, and it is this mutual passion for the finest details and the artistry of their craft that make them my perfect partner. 

As you explore each collection in my print shop and consider finding a home for a limited edition, fine art print in your personal collection or project, my hope is that it evokes memories of your most life-changing journeys and inspires dreams of travel yet to come. 

Consider this l'invitation au voyage.